May 17, 2022

What is Argon?

What is Argon?

Argon is worlds first blockchain-based freelancer platform on the Binance Chain network, working with smart contracts and is fully decentralized.

Why Argon?

You can do business with 0 commission in Argon.
Based on Argon blockchain
You can validate in Argon
Argon is decentralized
It does not work with Argon database. Uses smart contracts.
Everything happens with crypto in Argon
Argon’s smart contracts are open source
You can view it here:


If you have never used cryptocurrencies before, and I don’t know how decentralized structures work, please read this article.

Argon Token contract address (testnet): 0xec5f875e7b3895daaf123bdf541916e895092a0a
Connecting the Metamask wallet to the BSC network:
To learn much more details about crypto, please visit here:


Cristina Amy

Cristina is the most talkative employee in the Argon team. Responsible for the coordination between the group managers and the team. She is used to technical problems and can do a lot of work at the same time. She studied psychology and is 34 years old. She says "I am Turkish while working and Dutch while thinking". She continues to work remotely and joins the team after pre-sales. She is a total animal lover and friendly.