July 4, 2022

Create Posting on Argon

Creating Jobs in Argon

To create jobs in Argon, first connect your wallet to argon.run and go to your profile tab.

And click on the create ad button

Then fill in the necessary information on the page that opens and click the button and confirm the warnings on the screen that appears.

This process creates a smart contract in the background and each job has its own private address. Transactions performed at this address can be followed through BscScan. When you go to the https://argon.run/jobs page, you will be able to see your advertisement.

If your ad receives a new offer, we will alert you with an e-mail notification.

Cristina Amy

Cristina is the most talkative employee in the Argon team. Responsible for the coordination between the group managers and the team. She is used to technical problems and can do a lot of work at the same time. She studied psychology and is 34 years old. She says "I am Turkish while working and Dutch while thinking". She continues to work remotely and joins the team after pre-sales. She is a total animal lover and friendly.