May 17, 2022

Approving the offer in Argon

Go to your account, click on the incoming offers tab.

On the screen that opens, there will be offers from the advertisements you have created.

Choose the one that suits you best.

You can also verify all transactions made by checking the employment contract address on

And you can view information about the freelancer on this screen.

To approve a quote, swipe right in the table.

And click the button, but in order to execute the transaction, the assets must be in your wallet as much as the bid fee.

When you approve the transaction, the money is locked in the employment contract, and in case of disagreement, it is determined which approver will control the job and a mail is sent to the freelancer.

Note: Nobody including the Argon team can access the money locked in the employment contract.

Cristina Amy

Cristina is the most talkative employee in the Argon team. Responsible for the coordination between the group managers and the team. She is used to technical problems and can do a lot of work at the same time. She studied psychology and is 34 years old. She says "I am Turkish while working and Dutch while thinking". She continues to work remotely and joins the team after pre-sales. She is a total animal lover and friendly.