August 15, 2022

What is MetaMask?

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a wallet that runs on your browser and allows you to trade on the Ethereum blockchain. You can easily use MeteMask on different browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Brave. However, you can easily get MetaMask wallet from iOS and Android markets.
MetaMask is an ETH wallet that supports all tokens developed on the Ethereum network. So what distinguishes MetaMask from other Ethereum wallets? What makes MetaMask unique is that it can be integrated with websites very easily and allows payments. In other cryptocurrency wallets, you need to copy paste the wallet address or scan your wallet QR code, but you can complete your transaction within seconds through the popup window through the MetaMask plugin.

How to Install MetaMask?

First of all, to install MetaMask, you can download it by typing “MetaMask” in the extensions section of your Google Chrome browser or directly from the link I mentioned below. The most important issue to be aware of here is that you should be very careful with the add-on or application you download due to the increasing cryptocurrency fraud in recent days.

MetaMask Download Link:

After installing MetaMask from the link or Google Chrome extension, you need to open the extension that comes to the upper right corner of your browser. After opening the extension, you will be asked whether you have previously owned a MetaMask wallet or not.

Assuming you are using a MetaMask wallet for the first time, you have to click on the “Create a Wallet” tab. Then MetaMask will ask you to enter a password with at least eight digits, as you can see in the image below.

After setting your password for MetaMask login, the application will give you 12 different keywords. In order to ensure the future security of your assets and to avoid any loss of access, we recommend that you write these 12 words on a piece of paper and keep the paper. Because someone who has these keywords can get full access to your wallet.

After taking note of the 12 keywords given by MetaMask, MetaMask will ask you to verify the words it has given you. After entering these words in the way MetaMask requested

from you, your MetaMask wallet is ready for use.
After all these steps, you can easily use your MetaMask wallet to store your cryptocurrencies, exchange ETH-based cryptocurrencies, or trade on decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap.
However, you cannot use Argon while your wallet is in the Ethereum network.
You must first move your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network
If you don’t know how, please read this article:

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